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    the wise will know the beginning of a thing from its end

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the void is the boundary between heaven and earth


released December 8, 2013

recorded by mark vm & dan thorn at the p.irateship & the bandstead
mixed by dan thorn
mastered by tj lipple
featuring isolation tank & mark vm




Hedge Fund Somerville, Massachusetts

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Track Name: All Vows
how can we keep our oaths when every path is a path to ruin?
at our best we prolong the inevitable, and even then we suck the life from this world.
is there any path of righteousness? is there some way to make amends?
or is it foolish to even bother repairing a world we've already doomed?
i don't have the answers. i don't know what anyone should or shouldn't do, but i do know this: i'm fucking angry.
i'm mad as hell, and i'm not gonna take this anymore.
Track Name: Shechem
handprint bruises, no excuses. the way you treat women you should be executed.
get them drunk and push them down. does it make you feel big when you smack them around?

snake in the grass, i see through you. you may have them fooled but i know the truth.
false pretenses, sick intentions. using your status to excuse your actions.

hide behind your privilege but it won't save you.
i wish i could be there when you bite off more than you can chew.
you're out of my reach now but someday someone will come for you.
you'll pay for what you've done. you'll get what you deserve. you're scum.
Track Name: Psalm 58
we kill ourselves, murder each other,
rape and torture and tear asunder,
cling to hate, oppress the weak,
sacrifice others for our own gain.
for the sake of money we go to war,
rip down forests, dredge the ocean floor,
pump our food with fillers and drugs.
unspeakable evil just to make a buck

the human race has ruined this world.
if there's a judge, give us what we deserve.
so if you're up there now and you're looking down,
do your fucking job and wipe us out.

send another flood

no pure hearts in man to be found.
cut of all flesh, curse the ground.
Track Name: Madonna
we've abused those that we should revere as divine,
oppressed the wellspring of all humankind.
there's no way we'll atone for all of our many sins.
still i offer this prayer to the feminine.

you're not a means to an end, you're the source of it all
and fuck original sin, it's all humanity's fault.
we should raise you on high, not keep you down in the dark,
and with a matriarchy maybe we'd have a fresh start,
but it's too late for that now, the damage is done.
the best we can do is just keep limping along
and hope that someday we'll grow into a more even stride
before it's too late and we just lay down to die.

of all humanity's sins, this one comes close to the top,
suppressing the wills of half the population,
and if we can't make things right then we should just make it stop.
bring it all crashing down. snuff out the generations.
Track Name: Portrait Of A Ruined Country
heartless monsters, mindless puppets.
perpetuating a world at war just to line your pockets
and turning impressionable kids into living weapons.
desensitized, dehumanized, no value placed on a soldier's life. mechanized and normalized to the extermination of humankind.
soldiers are looked at as just another resource, part of the bottom line,
or they're just pushing buttons, never looking their enemy in the eye.
there's no question without a mind of your own. an army of one is just groupthink.
meanwhile, the heart of our nation's been sold out to the industrialization of war.
Track Name: Revisionist History
20 years, thrown away,
turned your back on everything.
now this time it's all black and white.
have you lost your mind? do you have no spine?

you made your fucking bed why don't you fucking sleep in it?
han shot first.
Track Name: Of The Crooked Timber
every human life is nothing but a waste
and there's no way out, no absolution for this.
no good deeds could ever outweigh the cost of my flesh.
i'll drag this world down 'til i draw my last breath.
so i long for the day when my body will hang
like a tapestry, and when the carrion feed
on my remains, i'll have finally
done some good for this world.
Track Name: What The Hex Is Going On?
fuck you and your lies.
look me in the eye.
tell me there's less value
to these people's lives
because of their race
whether or not they pray
or who they choose to fuck.
we're all the fucking same.

the skin goes first, so race won't count
and it won't matter, to whom you bow.
straight or gay, it's all the same in the ground
and in the end of days you'll lie cold.

claiming peace, but preaching hate.
you hypocrites deserve to die.
i can't wait until you rot.
if you meet your god he'll cast you out

and i'll see you in hell.
Track Name: Eridanos
i just don't see the point. it all feels like wasted time.
i've got all this opportunity but what's it matter?
in the end it don't mean shit.
chasing petty dreams or living day to day.
i want to make a difference but i don't know how.
it feels like i'm spinning.
spinning my fucking wheels
i just want out, out of this little life
i need a clear purpose before i lose my fucking mind
no family to save, no bootstraps to pull up
no war that i can wage, no pride in what i've done.
i wish i didn't know. it'd be easier that way.
pick up a gun, fight for the flag. that's your purpose: serve your country.
be a brainwashed slave. march to an early grave.
earn your nation's love as you murder for it's greed.
it's all just dollars and cents
this avarice sickens me, a society built on greed,
chasing money 'til you die in the name of security
so your kids don't have to want for anything they need
except the knowledge that they could make it on their own steam.
poor in the midst of possessions.
fucking ingrate.